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fictional character hands friend a bunch of condoms
"don't spend it all in one place"

*looks up from page*
Oh god, I just wrote a filthy, filthy entendre!

*leaves it in*
thank god for happy accidents! 👍

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i'm not going to have a single good goddamn word to say about the pope.

i don't give a FUCK if he prayed at the goddamn 9/11 memorial. oh my god, he agrees that 9/11 was bad and that needless violent death is tragic? ALERT THE MOTHERFUCKING PRESS

"oh but it's so nice to hear a religious authority preaching basic human decency" yeah, well, until his definition of "human" extends to trans women and nonwhite victims of genocide, I. DON'T. FUCKING. CARE.


Sunday 16 Aug. Accomplishments
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-made a tray of ice cubes
-remembered all of my meds for 24 hours in a row
-continued to add a splash of peach schnapps to my Diet Mountain Dew because it's fucking delicious and I don't give a fuck how trashy it is
-figured out that booze is safe to imbibe in small quantities, even w/ meds, as long as it's not hydroxyzine time
-continued doing the daily teaspoon of local honey thing to combat allergies
And I think it's working! My sinuses r less raw & painful, & I don't need to use the aspirator as often. Speaking of,
-cleaned the aspirator
-used the aspirator twice overnight & once during the day
-played AAI:ME
-wrote a little bit; added Jacob Taylor to my half-baked "Mass Effect as lawyer visual novel" idea blurb
-tumbled some things
-tweeted some stuff
-emailed parents
-read part of a book
-watched part of an Entourage episode w/ an open mind (and an eye towards potential gay ships)

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tfw u randomly remember how ur aunt has super fucked-up, disordered eating habits (but the socially acceptable kind: high-fiber ~health foods~, cleanses, etc.)

and how she makes her two children eat the same stuff as her

& how making kids eat weird diet shit instead of giving them all the food they actually need & deliberately teaching them this warped, harmful version of "health" is child abuse, but she's a rich white woman so no one will actually stop her or even notice the harm she's doing

god damn it

Using LJ As an Actual Journal
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ugggggggggggggh i clicked a thing & hadn't saved my post, fuck everything

My Creative Process
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See super binary gender-essentialist Rule 63 fanart w/ long-haired, femme Dean, Cas, and Sam.

Think “Dean would dress way more butch” and “Cas … well, Cas would wear whatever Jenny Novak was wearing, just rumpled and carelessly, but still

Start writing AU with Samantha Winchester and her militantly-in-the-closet trans brother.

Get annoyed with overwhelming whiteness of cast, plotholes in storyarc, start tweaking canon

Suddenly, it’s a week later and I’m writing character descriptions of Hank and Angela Chakravarthy-Wozniak, mixed-South Asian [their dad’s from India, their mom’s half Indonesian, half Polish, and kept her maiden name (Wozniak) which is why her kids’ names are hyphenated and sweet Jebus somebody shut me up I have so much backstory] siblings who find out that they’re two of the newest gods in the Hindu pantheon, but Judeo-Christian angels also have plans for them b/c they’re believed to be part of an apocalyptic prophecy, and plotbunny has evolved into plotBunnicula and holy crap I’ve kind of turned this into my own story!

I mean, yeah you can see how it started out as a cheap copy of existing material, but so did every Elizabethan play ever and also the Aeneid and Dante’s Inferno and Jane Eyre, so nyeah.

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Who needs original ideas when you can just write a Tolkien ripoff that features the adventures of Aragorn and Arwen as badass space lesbians?

(They may also be pirates. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for a plot yet without Sauron.)

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Thing I am going to start doing: Instead of joking about how someone/something I like is my "spirit animal," I'm going to say non-culture-appropriating stuff like, "x is my patron saint," or "such-and-such is my Confirmation name." Because if you're going to make fun of a religious tradition, it might as well be one that a)you know about and b)millions of people all over the world know and respect.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Legend of the Next Generation
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Sign of good world building: Even if the main cast's storylines all get wrapped up, there's still so much out there: politics, culture, the long-term effects of changes made during the story. I keep wondering how the Ishvalan repatiration will affect the rest of Amestris, and when Roy will become president, and what will he do once he reaches his endgame and exposes the horrifying details of the 1908 Ishvalan genocide campaign? Will he and Hawkeye be put on trial? Will they survive? Are they married yet? If not, why? *ahem* Anyway . . .

Does Amestris have any organized religions? No one in the series is religious at all (not even Rose after the first two chapters), and the only religions ever mentioned are Cornello's cult of Leto (did he invent that god or have Amestrians worshipped it in the past?) and Ishvala-worship, which seems confined to a small ethnic minority. It seems like there's kind of a religious vacuum in Amestris as of 1915.

I like thinking about what effects a revitalized Ishvalan population might do for Amestris. For one, Resembool isn't some backwater end-of-the-line village anymore, it's one stop away from Ishval (once the military lays the tracks and builds a station, that is). The manga did a little more to highlight Resembool as a small town that had just started to thrive and grow when the rebels bombed the train station near the end of the war. After the war, many local conscripts were dead or too badly wounded to work full-time, creating a lasting economic depression. Hopefully, the influx of people into Ishval will bring new interest and fresh blood to Resembool as well. (I like to think that it becomes a boomtown. The wool trade picks up, factory owners start building textile mills, and they start building a tiny little urban center.)

Also, I imagine there will be quite a few Ishvalans who will want to be reunited with their kinsmen, but won't feel comfortable going back to the place they saw so many loved ones brutally killed. I hope that "Little Ishvals" pop up in cities all over the southeast.

Which brings me back to the religious vacuum thing: If the rest of Amestris has more contact with Ishvalans and they start conversing and exchanging ideas, I can picture so many young white Amestrians being attracted to the Ishvalan religion. I mean, what culture wouldn't benefit from the introduction of a few more Goddess-worshiping, nature-loving hippies?

Also, I'm trying really hard to overcome my judgy disdain of fanfiction, because at this point I'm ready to break down and just start writing about the adventures of Ed and Winry's children.

'Hannibal' Finale (Savoreaux)
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Normal person: *tries to start a conversation with Mary*
Mary: a;sldkfjslafjl FINALE a;slkdfhabububuh VIDE COR MEUM ishka-SQUEE-bibble "Hello, Dr. Lekter" f'tahgn!! (OAO)
Normal person: *backs away slowly*
Mary: Juxtaposition blah iconography pop cultural osmosis HOLY CRAP awesomeawesome more episodes NAOOO it's gonna be Sbmal eht fo Ecnelis starring Grahamable the Encephalitic! :DDDDDD
Normal person: *flees into the distance*
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